AYAKA enjoyed chanpon noodles while reading news about RENI's Marriage.

AYAKA made a video distribution on JA-NAIME's official Instagram.

The purpose of the distribution was to announce the "JA-NAIME's 3rd Anniversary Youtube" to be held on Sunday, November 13.

On that day, starting at 13:00 Japan time, JA-NAIME's contents will be distributed on the official Youtube site (https://youtube.com/c/janamieofficial) for about 6 hours.

At the beginning of this Instagram, AYAKA is holding a sports newspaper (Sports Hochi), which reported RENI's marriage, while eating champon noodles (a kind of ramen) and various smiling. (Please enjoy the expression on her face.)

Prior to the public announcement, RENI had reported the news among the MCZ members, but AYAKA had not yet met RENI after the public announcement.

She commented that she wanted to tease RENI about her marriage a lot, including the fact that RENI calls her husband "U-tan".