AYAKA mentioned a memorable scene with MOMOKA.

To commemorate the upcoming 3rd anniversary of the formation of JA-NAMIE (Namie Joshi Hatsu Kumiai), of which AYAKA of MCZ is the PPP (Pink Playing Producer), a 6-hour live YouTube program was held on November 24, 2019. The whole thing has been archived.

The entire program has been archived and is available for viewing now. 

The program included various corners, and there was a scene in which the members arranged and cooked "Namie yakisoba," a specialty of Namie Town.

AYAKA reminded the junior members of JA-NAMIE of an incident in a past TV program (Momoclo Chan) in which MOMOKA cooked potato starch without dissolving it in water, resulting in a strange dumpling-like object.
The juniors were also excited about the topic, saying, "I have seen that scene before. " (Scene in the link below)

It also includes the legendary downpour at the "8th Regular Performance" held in Namie-cho on June 26 of this year. (Scenes from the following links)