Hyadain played the piano in celebration for RENI.

KANAKO appeared on the morning information TV program "Ohayo Asahi Desu, (means 'Good Morning Sun!')" which aired yesterday, to promote the movie "Black Panther," for which KANAKO is the dubbed voice actor.

"Ohayo Asahi Desu" is a live TV program broadcast every morning in the Kansai local area (6 prefectures).

Since this year, "Hyadain" (Kenichi Maeyamada), who has written many of MCZ's songs, has appeared on the program as a regular on Tuesdays. (Hyadain is from Osaka, so he has a connection to the Kansai area.)

KANAKO's comment to Hyadyne was to tell him that he has not been able to have the yakiniku party at Hyadyne's house that he had promised.

Hyadyne said, "I can't imagine my fan AYAKA coming to my house," but he was positive about making it happen, saying, "We have to have a party to celebrate RENI."

The program has a corner called "Today's Song," in which Hyadyne plays the piano at the end of the program.

On this day, to celebrate RENI's marriage, he played "Hai to Diamond (means 'Ashes and Diamonds'," a song composed by Hyadyne.

And concluded the program, "RENI, be happy. Congratulations," he shouted to close the program.