KANAKO Congratulates Komi Hirose on her 30th Anniversary.

KANAKO contributed a message to a Youtube video commemorating the 30th anniversary of the debut of one of Japan's leading female singers, Komi Hirose.

(She appeared near the 2:30 minute mark of the linked video, the third of 30 commenters.)

Komi Hirose has many connections with MCZ; she was a guest at MCZ's live performance at Seibu Dome in the spring of 2013.

Later, she provided MCZ with the song "Naichai sou Fuyu (means 'feel like crying in winter')".

KANAKO, on the other hand, has participated in a project album in which various artists have covered songs by Komi Hirose.

Here, KANAKO sang her biggest hit "Romance no Kamisama (means 'God of Romance')" (29 years ago song).