Next, KANAKO takes up that challenge.

We recently reported that a video of SHIORI and RENI trying "Kendama" was posted on MCZ's official 'LINE VOOM'.

Now, a video of KANAKO's challenge is posted on the MCZ official tiktok.

The video appears to have been taken backstage when MCZ performed at the "MTV VMAJ 2022" music awards held this past November at the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Main Arena in Chofu City, Tokyo.

KANAKO seems to be inexperienced with kendama, so it was fun to see SHIORI trying her best to teach her.

How did it turn out? 

@mcz517_official 初めてのけん玉、うまくできるかな?????? 玉さんのけん玉テクニックはLINE VOOMで??#ももクロ #momoclo ? オリジナル楽曲 - ももいろクローバーZ / Momoiro Clover Z