Next year's spring concert will be held in Fukuyama City

MCZ held a live concert last Saturday in Kamitonda-cho, Wakayama Prefecture, with a capacity of about 800 people as part of 'origin tour.'

During the event, the venue for the "Haruno ichi daiji (One Spring Big Event)" live concert, which is scheduled to be held on April 22 and 23 next year, was announced.

Only the scene of the announcement has been videoed on the following website.

This year, the live concert was held at J-Village in Fukushima Prefecture.

It was announced that the venue for 2023 will be Takegahana Athletic Park in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Fukuyama City is a picturesque town known as the setting for Studio Ghibli's popular animated film "Ponyo on the Cliff" (titled "Ponyo" overseas), and the city hopes to raise its profile by hosting the "World Rose Conference" in 2025.

It is likely that various PR activities will be conducted through MCZ again next year.

We look forward to seeing the live performances as well.

The official website is already open to the public (see below).