Rare SHIORI's "Ho e ro" has been released.

A part of the ANGEL EYES (MCZ's fan club) members-only live performance held last weekend was shown on the official tiktok.

In DAY 1 of "Panna Cotta," a color-changing project, SHIORI, who was in charge of red color, sang the first part of "Ho e ro" enthusiastically.

And you can also see the color-changed members after the live.

@mcz517_official AE限定ライブ1日目終演後の様子をお届け??(その前にしおりんの『吼えろ!』をお見せします??激レアです!) #ももクロ #momoclo ? オリジナル楽曲 - ももいろクローバーZ / Momoiro Clover Z