RENI announced her marriage.

Today, MCZ's RENI announced her marriage to Shingo Usami, a regular catcher for the Nippon-Ham Fighters professional baseball team.

He is 29 years old, the same age as RENI.
He joined the Yomiuri Giants in 2016 and was traded to the Nippon Ham Fighters in 2019.
This season, he played in 81 games and hit .256 batting average.

RENI commented that they have been dating for two years.
Shingo USami has long been known as an enthusiastic mononofu.
RENI also said that MCZ will continue its activities as before.

The members made the following comments about RENI's marriage


Congratulations on your marriage, Reni-chan!
We have talked a lot about the future, and I am really, really deeply moved that such a day will actually come.
I'm sure you will make a bright family because you are always happy.
I wish you all the best in the future.


Congratulations on your marriage, Reni-chan.
We started the group when I was in junior high school, and I never thought that the day would come when I would hear such a happy report, it is very emotional.
Recently, when we make a big announcement, fans say, "Marriage? We are now at an age where people say, "Marriage?
Even so, this is finally the first marriage for the group and for the members.
I am very much looking forward to what kind of future awaits us.
I wish you happiness, Reni-chan.


I am just as surprised as everyone else at Mononofu.
When the members are happy, I am also happy, so I am really happy.
I'm sure that Mononofus will give you many blessings since you are Reni-chan.
I'm sure she'll make a wonderful wife, since she's always so kind and supportive of the group.
I was really happy when she told us that we would continue to be Momoclo even after marriage.
I hope I can continue to show you the same Momoclo together with Reni-chan.
I wish you and your husband a long and happy life together. 



Anonymous said…
Reni hid this for 2 years. What is the difference between Momoka and her? I don't understand. Momoka was severely criticized and she had already left the group when she got married.
Sure, there are some voices that have been pointed out. (But even with MOMOKA, there were many congratulatory voices, and not everyone criticized her.)

Today, a website called "Cyzo woman" published an article comparing MOMOKA and RENI.
It speculated that the reason for the mononofus' sensitivity in the case of MOMOKA was "because fans suspected that Momoka's husband might have "arranged" for her to leave Momoclo at that time."
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a surprise, but a welcome one. Happy that Momoclo stays the same even after the marriage. I wonder whether the members knew in the last 2 years that she was dating someone.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your answer. Also, I think there is an important difference: Momoka was probably the most popular member of the group in the best moment of the group. Reni is not very popular. What would have happened if this news had come from Kanako, Shiori or Ayaka? I love Momoiro Clover Z and I hope it will be active for many many years. Only the future will tell us if: was it a good choice for the group that Reni stayed? Would it have been better if she graduated? Maybe it's because I'm not Japanese, but I did find it curious that Kanako, Shiori and Ayaka were not in person with Reni on the youtube announce or on the radio show. This attitude makes them seem like they don't fully support to Reni. Finally, a day after the announcement I have read some comments from Japanese fans on Twitter that they will stop supporting the group (at least temporarily) while they analyze whether to support it again. It's sad to see how a group is weakened by this decision, but Reni didn't help either, she appeared in a lot of newspapers with her fiancé. That image will not have liked many fans.
Thanks for your comment.
I think it is good to have various different opinions, but from a domestic perspective, I don't think the situation is as you suggest.
While there is certainly criticism in some quarters, the majority is full of support and celebration.
The Youtube video of RENI's announcement was filled with congratulatory comments from the moment of the announcement.

Mononofus are all aware that MCZ has almost equal number of fans among the four (previously five) members.
It's not that RENI isn't popular.
Please try to count the colors of the psylliums or mononofus uniforms in the video of the live concert.
Anonymous said…
Yes, it's good to have different points of view. In the western world, we see reports about how Japanese idol fans become "monsters" who destroy their idols when they feel betrayed. And that was just what they did with Momoka, which I saw as an injustice. When Momoka left the group it was messages of support, a year later (in the "scandal") she was criticized everywhere and "fans" destroyed her career. When Reni gets pregnant and leaves the group, will she receive the criticism that Momoka received a year later?

By the way, the difference between Kanako and Reni on Instagram is 105,000 followers (296,000 vs 191,000), Shiori (235,000) is also above Reni. Ayaka (133,000) opened her account most recently, you can't compare.

Finally, in the Western we are outraged by hypocrisy, and I think it's hypocritical to celebrate Reni and destroy Momoka. It's exactly the same situation, hiding a 2-year relationship for fear of their fans, but if Reni stays in the group they say: "ok, congratulations", Momoka left the group to be with her husband and they say: " traitor!" That's illogical.