RENI gave a long interview.

The media site Natalie published an interview with RENI about her marriage.

There were various articles, but it is rare to find one followed by a long comment from the person herself, so as usual, we would like to introduce it below with an auto-translated link.

Note that reni's last name "Takagi" can also be read as "Takashiro" in kanji. (AKB48 used to have a member named "Takajo (Aki)," which is also the same character. This is a difficult part of the Japanese language.)

Google's automatic translation does not seem to be able to determine these characters, so please replace "Takashiro" with "Takagi".

In the latter half of the article, it is interesting to note that RENI was also  attention to the marriages and births of negicco and Mirin Furukawa of

negicco is an idol group that was formed before MCZ and has been through almost the same period of time, and has performed opposite Ebi-chu several times.

All three members are married, two of them have already given birth and the other one is currently pregnant. (What a surprise, the three children will be in the same grade.)

Dempagumi Inc., an idol group formed one year after MCZ was formed, and Mirin Furukawa, who has been a member of the group since its inception and has always played the center position, announced her marriage during a live performance, and has since given birth and taken maternity leave. After giving birth in July of this year, she returned to idol activities in October.

In light of these recent examples (pioneers who continue to be idols even after becoming mothers), RENI says the following.

I think these times have come about because each of their fans has accepted them, so it may be selfish of me, but I hope that mononofus will accept me as well.

I am proudly and with a dream to be a part of Momoclo, so I don't think I can quit being an idol that easily.




The video in the bottom row shows Mirin announcing her marriage during a live performance 2019. (around 4 minutes and 4 seconds into the video)

The fans all shouted "Congratulations" in unison, and Mirin was so moved.