MCZ members were also shouting.

Today, Japan scored a dramatic come-from-behind victory over Spain in the World Cup soccer.

Due to the time difference, the game kicked off at 4:00 a.m. Japan time, but all four MCZ members seemed to be watching the game live on TV at that time.

SHIORI left the following text comment on Instagram (the screen cannot be embedded because it is in 'Stories').

I'm really really happy, congratulations.
I shouted too much, I can do my best in life. Thank you so much.
I was actually able to see it with my members because we are staying overnight and shooting.
Thank you so much.

Incidentally, Ao Tanaka, who scored a dramatic comeback goal in the match, has been in a relationship with Airi Suzuki, a former member of C-ute.

And Airi Suzuki is a high school classmate of KANAKO, an old friend. 

Airi is scheduled to participate in the year-end "Momoiro Utagassen".