The creator of Momoiro Clover "Z" has passed away.

Ichiro Mizuki, Japan's legendary anime song singer, was reported to have passed away; he was 74 years old, and it was announced that he was battling lung cancer.

Ichiro, whose goal was "to be active throughout his life," had performed live as recently as November 27.

His representative song is the theme song of the 1970s TV anime "Mazinger Z."

On April 10, 2011, 'Momoiro Clover' suddenly made an announcement to change the group's name at the ending of Akari Hayami's graduation concert at Nakano Sunplaza.

At that time, the voice shouting "Ze-----t!!" in the video that played in the hall was Ichiro Mizuki.

The following week, on April 16, at the Momoiro Clover "Z" talk live, it was Ichiro Mizuki who proposed the choreography for the "Z Pose" that has been used to this day.

The following is a news article (auto-translated link) from that event. Ichiro is pictured on the far right.

May he rest in peace.