The "Utagassen" is still being held.

As of this writing, the "Momoiro Uta Gassen" is still being performed.

One of the highlights of the event every year is the nonstop "idol song medley," which lasts about 30 minutes.

At the end of the medley, the five members of Momoclo and First Summer Uika sang a cover of BISH's "Orchestra".

BISH is the successor group to BIS, to which First Summer Uika originally belonged, and which is scheduled to disband next summer.

There is also various foreshadowing that First Summer Uika could not stand at the Nippon Budokan for the last time as BIS, so they held their breakup concert at Yokohama Arena.

The passionate performance by the five members was overwhelming. 


Kim said…
Happy New Year! Just wanted to say thank you for your continued coverage of Momoclo activities. I really appreciate that you do this!
Anonymous said…
Maybe it's my imagination, but Shiori and Kanako's body language shows some distance from Reni. Problems between them?
Thanks again for all the messages.
Encouraged by these messages, we hope to continue to provide MCZ information to the world in 2023.

As far as I can guess from MCZ's usual radio programs and live performances, I personally don't think that there is any problem between RENI and the other members...