We went to Momoiro Christmas.

Sorry for the lack of updates.

We went to the Saturday performance (DAY1) of "Momoiro Christmas 2022 LOVE".

The second day of the event was broadcasted on AbemaTV's PPV, and many entertainment news sites have reported about it.

We've attached below the auto-translated address of Music Natalie.


When MCZ performs a two-day show, they always change the setlist slightly between the two days.

We've attached the Youtube Music setlist below.

- DAY1


- DAY2


This time, the last song of the encore on Day 2 was "Shiroi Kaze (means 'White Wind')," while Day 1 was "Bokura no Century (means 'Our Century')."

Both of these songs are standard MCZ's winter concert favorites.

However, this year's "Bokura no Century" had a different meaning, partly because the theme of the concert was "LOVE."

For the past three hours, MCZ had been performing under the theme of "LOVE," but the chants for "Our Century" has been "LOVE" and "PEACE"...

Mononofus also responded and repeated the guesswork of "L" and "V (peace mark)" with their fingers.

In the year 2022, at the end, it was symbolically felt that this was a space for love and peace.

Such was the live performance in Saitama. 

May the world be filled with more happiness next year.