Weekend live show PR on tiktok

MCZ's official tiktok has been updated with a short video of an off-shot of SHIORI.

According to the ticker, it was taken during the opening movie shooting of last year's "Momoiro Christmas".

At the end of the video, it says, "This year's theme is 'LOVE'".


We will be traveling from the Kansai area this weekend to Tokyo for going to see the live concert at Saitama Super Arena.

We are very sorry, but we will not be updating this site for a few days on weekends.

We hope to be able to report again later on what we saw and what the venue looked like.

For those of you overseas, as previously announced, the PPV (pay TV) on AbemaTV will be broadcasting the DAY 2 show on 12/25, so let's have a happy Christmas together.



@mcz517_official いよいよ今週末はももクリ???? 今年のテーマは『LOVE』です?? #ももクロ #momoclo ? Santa San-ZZ version- - Momoiro Clover Z