AYAKA had crushed the heart mark.

For a limited time until the end of January, internet broadcaster ABEMA is showing a PPV of Momoiro Christmas 2022 LOVE, which was performed last Christmas.

To promote the event, ABEMA's official Twitter account posted part of MCZ's new song "L.O.V.E" on Twitter.

In it, each member of MCZ performs a choreography to "make" a "heart mark", but on closer inspection, AYAKA is the only one who looks different.

It seems that AYAKA was frustrated by the 'ria-ju' (meaning 'happy couples who have lovers and a full everyday life'), so she changed the choreography to 'crushing hearts'.

The fact that they 'crush' them in a cute way with a very mischievous expression is a topic of discussion. We would like to draw your attention to this.

You can see it in the official Youtube video at around 2:55.