Christmas Live Rehearsal Revealed on tiktok.

MCZ's official TikTok was updated to show the "Generalprobe (through rehearsal)" of their new theme song "L.O.V.E" from the Christmas concert.

The part of the lyrics where they sing "Ano Sora e (means '.. to that sky')" incorporates the choreography of Momoiro Clover's early song "Ano Sora e Mukete (means 'Towards That Sky').


@mcz517_official #ももクリ2022 テーマソング『L.O.V.E』    ゲネプロの様子を公開???? ABEMAでは完全版も配信中??? #ももクロ #momoclo ? L.O.V.E - Momoiro Clover Z