RENI says she is on the road to recovery.

RENI, who is currently resting after contracting a new coronavirus, has updated her Instagram Stories.

The message she posted cannot yet be seen due to time restrictions, but according to Mononofus, the following information is available.

The comments posted by RENI to accompany the image are as follows.

Firstly, sorry for the delay in reporting.
I have been infected with a new type of Corona virus.
I'm really sorry for the trouble I've caused you, although I'm sure you've had lots of deliveries, live performances and other work.
My body is fine and I'm on the road to recovery.
Please wait for me as I will do my best for a while longer to show my health again.

Furthermore, instead of a photo of herself, RENI appears to have posted an image of the character used in the opening video of the summer live show.

The image was previously posted by Atsunorin (director of MCZ's live performances) and was intended to be shown.

It was created by the artist 'NIELSEN' who is responsible for many MCZ related designs.

The character 'RENI' is on the far right.