SHIORI announced the 'Insta-live'.

SHIORI posted a Stories video on Instagram after the show of "Sta-pla fest" last Saturday. (It has already expired, so it cannot be seen now.)

In it, SHIORI seems to have announced that she would hold an "insta-live" on her own account starting at 9:00 p.m. (Japan time) on 1/16 (Mon.).

The contents of the event have not yet been announced. Some mononofus speculate that SHIORI will talk about the stage in which she has been announced to participate.

In any case, we look forward to the live.

SHIORI's Instagram is at the following URL 


The broadcast lasted about an hour and has just ended.

The archive appears to be available at ..

In the last of the program, there was a screenshot time to take pictures with permission to upload them to social networking sites.

Three photos of today's SHIORI are attached below.