SHIORI's new project was announced.

In yesterday's article on SHIORI's insta-live, SHIORI announced a new project.

The title of the project is "SHIORI TAMAI 12 Colors".

Starting on January 20, 12 new songs will be created based on photos of 12 scenes taken in costumes and situations that match the theme (color) decided by Shiori Tamai for each month, and will be released for download/streaming on the 20th of each month at midnight.

At the same time, goods will also be released every month.

A trailer for the first single song, which will be distributed on January 20, has already been released.

The title of the song is "Akatsuki".

Among the MCZ members, SHIORI has had the fewest number of solo songs, but it seems that she will now have plus 12 songs in one year. We're looking forward to it.