SHIORI's solo songs have been released.

As previously announced, 'AKATSUKI', the first song from Shiori Tamai's solo project 'SHIORI TAMAI 12Colors', was released on various music streaming sites today at midnight Japan time.

This is the first of 12 consecutive months of new solo songs to be released, and is positioned as the new song for January.

This is SHIORI's first solo single in 10 years since 'Namidame no Alice (measn 'Teary-eyed Alice')'.

AKATSUKI' means 'dawn' or 'until dawn' in Japanese.

A 'Listening Share Campaign' has also been launched.

From the playback page of each streaming site, you are asked to select 'Share on Twitter' and post using the following hashtag.

The 30 people who follow "@momoclo_king_pr" and post by 23:59 Japan time on Saturday 21st will win a prize.

You might even catch SHIORI's eye.

The hashtag is [#玉井詩織ソロ1月曲]. (means hashtag - 'SHIORI's solo song for January')

Copy and paste the inside of [ ] for Japanese.

If it appears in the link below, your post is complete.

The song pages on Spotify are as follows.