The ace pitcher of 'AYAKA-Oshi' has announced his marriage to AKB48.

SHUTA Ishikawa is the ace pitcher of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, now in his seventh year with the team, but he is also known as the old 'Mononofu'.
His game glove is embroidered with a four-leaf clover.
SHUTA has used MCZ's music as his theme song since his debut year.

And he has long been a fan of AYAKA.
Since 2020, AYAKA has responded by creating and singing solo songs for SHUTA as his performance songs, such as 'Shigoto Shiro (means 'Do Work!')', and 'SPECIALIZER'.

SHUTA, who has been such a Mononofu, issued a press release today.

It announced that he had married to former AKB48 and SKE48 member MINA Ohba.

MINA Ohba has been active in AKB48 since around 2010; she also became a member of SKE48 in 2013 and later became the leader of Team KII.
She left the group last spring and has since become a Youtuber.

The following Instagram appears to have been taken when SHUTA and AYAKA performed together at the Momoiro Uta Gassen two years ago.
SHUTA also performed in the Uta Gassen last year in a comic role and wowed the audience.

SHUTA's official Twitter (@isikawaZZZZ) currently still lists "Arin-Oshi" in the profile section.