MCZ will release a new song under a different name.

Momoclo-chan Z, a group under a different name that MCZ performs in the children's educational program 'Goo-choki-party', will release a new song next month.

The song is called 'PUI PUI Moru-Car wa tomaranai (means 'Can't Stop PUI PUI Moru-Car')' and will be released digitally on March 3rd.

The announcement video was released on Twitter this time. (bottom row)

The song seems to be a collaboration with 'PUI PUI Moru-Car'.

'PUI PUI Mol-car' is a stop-motion animation about the daily life of a guinea pig, Mol-car.

The film features Mol-car and diorama dolls made of wool felt, as well as live-action human characters in some scenes.

The release is eagerly awaited.