Rivals move on.

AKB48 formed in 2006, two years before MCZ.

It is said that MCZ was inspired by many of their various projects and developments.

(MCZ's producer KAWAKAMI also claimed to have visited AKB's theatre in the early days of MCZ's formation and used it as a reference for ideas).

For example, MCZ's OVERTURE, which is played at the beginning of their live performances, is a tribute to AKB48's OVERTURE.

Both MCZ and AKB48 performed at the former National Stadium in 2014, MCZ in March and AKB48 the following April, so it can be said that the two major groups have expanded their development in almost the same period.

Yesterday, AKB48 announced that they will be changing their record label. 

They are moving from their current label King Records to Universal Music (EMI Records).

In fact, MCZ used to be under the same King Records as AKB48, but when their major debut song (Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo) was released, they were under Universal Music.

We think this is a strange connection..