Roses planted by MCZ.

As reported recently, MCZ's SHIORI and AYAKA visited Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture on 19 February to promote their spring concert and met with the mayor of Fukuyama City.

The duo then joined the mayor and others in planting commemorative roses at Roseーcom, an educational facility adjacent to Central Park in the city centre.

The following news video (a follow-up to a recent story) reports on the event.

Fukuyama City is widely promoted as the 'City of Roses' and will host the World Rose Congress in 2025.
It is hoped that the MCZ's visit will raise awareness of these efforts.

This time, an unofficial PR account (@fukuyamaharuiti), which aims to support MCZ's Spring Live (Haru no ichi dai ji), tweeted a video showing how the roses look after being planted.
As they grow, they will bloom in four different colours.

The shovels used in the planting ceremony are on display at Fukuyama City Hall.
From now on, Fukuyama City is likely to be filled with information about the Momoclo as we move towards spring.