AYAKA shed tears of emotion.

MCZ's AYAKA is featured in the announcement video for the TV program "UEDA to onna ga hoeru yoru (means 'The Night Ueda and Women Howl')" to be aired on the night of 29 March on the NTV's national network.

The program features Ayumi Hamasaki (AYU), a legendary Japanese singer, appearing in a variety show for the first time in six years.
AYAKA seems to be in the seat of this panelist.
The subtitle of the program is "Discussing AYU with women who have lived with AYU".

AYAKA has long claimed to be a fan of AYU.
It seems that AYU has also influenced AYAKA's singing style.

We would like to see the program to find out what kind of impression AYU had on AYAKA.