JA-NAMIE will perform at an idol festival.

Next weekend, a huge idol festival will take place in eight live halls in the Shibuya area in a circuit format (multiple venues at the same time).

The event is called IDORISE FESTIVAL; it started in 2019 but is growing to be one of the biggest idol festivals held in the spring.

This year, 153 idols will perform over the two days of 11 and 12 March.


Among the groups scheduled to perform are ukka, B.O.L.T, AMEFURASSHI and other junior groups, as well as Namie Joshi Hatsu Kumiai (means 'Namie Girls' Association') (a.k.a JA-NAMIE), which is produced by MCZ's AYAKA.

JA-NAMIE will perform at the Spotify O-EAST venue on 12 March, the second day of the event, for 30 minutes from 14:50.