KANAKO told an episode where she was singing and crying.

Momoiro Clover Z's "Happy Clover Top 10" was broadcast on FM radio on a national network from 16:00 today, with KANAKO and RENI as MCs.

It talked about KANAKO's recent situation, which Mononofus were not aware of.

KANAKO was at her brother's wedding. (And apparently all four MCZ members were there).

There she sang MCZ's 'Shiroi Kaze (means 'White Wind')' as a blessing for the ceremony, and KANAKO cried during the 'ochi-sabi' (means 'most exciting part')  of the song.

The 'ochi-sabi''s lylics of the song are as follows..

May the feelings that are now shouting in my heart reach you.
Words cannot be honest.
With you, who gave me shining in my heart, I can go beyond anytime, any situation.