KANAKO wins another award.

MCZ's KANAKO has won the Interpet Award, given to celebrities who have achieved a wonderful lifestyle with their pets.

KANAKO attended the award ceremony today on a special stage at Interpet - Japan's largest pet industry trade show, held in Tokyo.

(Footage of the event is available on Youtube. Bottom row).

KANAKO's dog is a toy poodle called "Peach-chan". (The name is a play on the words 'Momo' in Momoclo and 'Momo' in MOMOTA. The Japanese word 'Momo' refers to Peach).

"Peach-chan" is a 10-year-old female, and a photo of her holding the dog was also shown at the event.

KANAKO commented as follows

I am really happy to receive this award.
Actually, I bought a ticket to come to this fair as a private visitor, so I am very happy to be here in this way.
I am happy to be in a place full of pet love and an environment where I can hear so many sweet voices of pets.