RENI packed her solo concert with a message.

This Wednesday (9 March), RENI held her annual solo concert at KT Zepp Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The concert consisted of two performances, part 1 and part 2.
The details of the second part were covered in detail by the online media Natalie in a report article as usual.
The link with automatic translation is as follows

The theme of this concert was 'Yokohama Love', as RENI had been appointed ambassador for the city of Yokohama.

However, it was also her first solo concert since her marriage, and it seems that RENI had another message to convey.

It was mentioned in her speech in the second half of the second part (see above URL link).
but in the first part of the speech, she seems to have conveyed her feelings a little more directly.
According to tweets from fans who enjoyed the concert, the comments were as follows.

Am I your idol?
Maybe I'm not a 100-point idol, but I still love you all.
I will always, always love you.
I'll do my best to make you all love me forever.
Please come and see me again.

And RENI chose the song 'Hokori takaki idol (means 'Proud Idol')' by HoneyWorks to close the main part of the setlist.

You can watch the original music video below.