RENI ran in the marathon.

RENI and KANAKO appeared as surprise guests at the 41st Fukuyama Marathon in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture today.

RENI actually took part in the event in the 3km section.

A video of the staff following her through the 3km can be seen on the official Twitter feed (bottom row).

KANAKO was apparently cheering for RENI at the start/finish line.

The finish line of the event, the Rose Stadium, is the venue where MCZ will be performing live at the ”Haru no Ichi dai ji” next month.

It seems that they also had a preliminary inspection. 


Kim said…
Given the amount of working that MCZ do I would not be surprised if any of them was capable of running an entire marathon.
Yes, As for MCZ, we always get surprisingly different news from the previous day's work..
By the way, RENI seems to have achieved an excellent 10th place out of 200 in the women's category in the "3 km category" in which she participated.