A video of performance of 'HERO' has been released.

MCZ are also performing under another group name 'Momoclo-chan Z' on the toddler show 'Goo-choki-party'.

The performance video of 'HERO', one of their signature songs, has been released.

A 'choreography learning video' of 'HERO' has also been released in the past. (URL here)


'HERO' was released as the theme song for the animation film 'Shimajiro and Ururu's Hero Land', which was released in March 2019.

When the song was performed at MCZ's 'Haru-ichi live' in Fukushima Prefecture in 2022, AYAKA commented as follows.

"Guys, we will definitely perform this song at our Spring Live from now on, so please go and learn the choreography.

And at this year's 'Haru-ichi' in Hiroshima Prefecture last weekend, the song was included in the set list as promised.

Many Mononofu who heard about last year's promise danced along to the choreography and were praised by AYAKA as 'amazing'.

AYAKA says she likes the pose at 57-58 seconds in the video below.

This should be done to the call of 'he---n shin! (means'Transfor----mation!')', she said.

The choreography is said to represent 'the pose of transformation into a hero'.

Last weekend, more than 10,000 Mononofus 'transformed' here.