Fireworks in Namie.

The Namie Girls' Association (JA-NAMIE), produced by MCZ's AYAKA, held a regular performance in Namie, Fukushima Prefecture, yesterday.

This was their 10th regular performance.

The performance was followed by a fireworks display on the banks of the Ukedo River at the venue.

Some Kumiai-in (means 'members of Association') (as JA-NAIME fans are called) have posted footage of the event on Youtube.

The background music in the first half was 'Yuuki no Siljouette (means 'Silhouette of Courage')' by 3B-junior.

JA-NAMIE's member Chiho Takai will also be leaving JA-NAMIE as her group B.O.L.T. will be disbanding on the 15th of April.

It seems that the music of 3B-junior, to which she belonged in the past, has sent her off.