KANAKO talks about marriage.

It has been announced that MCZ's KANAKO will be on the cover of the 'Domestic Resort Wedding 2023 Summer & Autumn' mook book for the marriage information magazine 'Zexy', which goes on sale tomorrow.

In the interview, KANAKO talks about her views on marriage in various ways.

For example, she said the following

I haven't thought much about my own marriage yet, but I'll be 30 next year, so I feel closer to getting married.

Ideal marriage partner would be someone who would tell her how cute she was no matter how old she got. I would be happy if he or she could tell me honestly how they feel. And I want to be a loving couple. I want to walk hand in hand with him when we become grandparents.

The most memorable wedding is: "My brother's wedding. The members joined us and sang a song called 'Shiroi Kaze (means 'White Wind')' and I cried because I was so happy to think that my favourite brother would be happy.

My ideal wedding: "I want to have fun with my family in a homely atmosphere. The wedding is for us too, but I want to show my gratitude to my mum and dad for looking after us. Also, my stylist, who has been making my outfits for a long time, said she would make a wedding dress for my wedding, so I would be happy if I could wear an original wedding dress.

The cover of the magazine can be seen on the following news websites.