MCZ will work with JRA in an unexpected way.

JRA is the Japan Racing Association and is the largest horse racing organisation in Japan.

Today, A collaboration between Momoiro Clover Z and the JRA has been announced and a website has been launched.

The title of the project is 'Weekend Horse Racing, Momoiro Clo"BA-" Z'.

"Ba-", which means 'Uma (means 'Horse')' in Kanji.

It is called 5-Games, and it appears that the MCZ will be holding four races in disciplines related to horse racing.

Votes can be cast for each of them, and the fifth and final event is a "three-round bet" to predict the set list from the first to the third song of MCZ's 15th anniversary live on 16 May.

If you get it right, you will win a postcard signed by the band members, but unfortunately the rules state that voting is restricted to people in Japan.

To coincide with the project, a music video for the completely re-written collaboration song 'OPEN THE GATE' has also been released.

You can watch it below on Youtube or Twitter.

We hope you enjoy it as it has more to do with horse racing than we might think.

We have already reported on MCZ's domination of the baseball world, and we know that there are many Mononofus among the JRA jockeys as well.

We look forward to further developments in the future.