MCZ's 15th anniversary song to be released.

A song to celebrate MCZ's 15th anniversary in May, "Ichigo Ichie", will be released digitally on 21 April. It is expected to be performed at the Spring Concert the following day.

”Ichigo ichie" is a Japanese idiom meaning "once in a lifetime", but "ichigo" is also a homonym for "ichigo", which also means "strawberry" or "one and five".

The music for this year's song will be composed by "C&K CLIEVY", who also composed "Clover and Diamond", the 10th anniversary song.

The 15th anniversary artist photo and the cover photo of "Ichigo Ichie" have also been released.

The image of the photo is "with the penlight that has illuminated MCZ since its formation".

We look forward to the release of the music.