MOMOKA has also made a comment.

MOMOKA ARIYASU, who graduated from MCZ in 2018, delivered a congratulatory message on the 15th anniversary of MCZ's formation.

After graduating, MOMOKA left the agency and is currently affiliated with a different agency for her singing activities. 

Due to this, she had refrained from openly commenting on MCZ's members, activities, and fans.

However, after five years since her graduation, on the 15th anniversary of MCZ's formation (and to celebrate it, precisely at 5:17 PM), she simultaneously posted the following comments on Twitter and Instagram.

At the time after 5 hours of the post, approximately 30,000 likes were received on Twitter, and around 20,000 likes on Instagram. Many ecstatic comments from Mononofus (MCZ's fans) have also been directed towards her.

The translation of MOMOKA's comment is as follows:

Momoclo, who has always been precious to me, whether it be in the past, present, or future, has reached its 15th anniversary. 

Congratulations, truly, truly!

I will continue to support Kanako, Shiori, Reni, A-rin, and everyone forever!

I am proud and grateful to have been a member together.

Thank you so much.

Let's continue to do our best together.