Momoclo (Momoiro Clover) History (1/3)

*This YOUTUBE movie is the official trailer of their best CD album (celebrated 10th Annibirthery)which was released on 23 May 2018.

"Momoiro Clover" was formed on May 17, 2008. Both singing and dancing girls with no experience gathered.
Since all members were students at that time, they started activities mainly on Saturdays and Sundays, so they referred to as 'weekend heroines'. They were performing live on the street such as Yoyogi Park. (0:21)

At the beginning members joined and withdrew repeatedly, which was a maximum of 9 people, but since the autumn of 2009, it has been 6 people. (0:26)

In 2009, Prior to the indies debut, Momoiro Clover went on a live tour on a wagon car throughout Japan. At that time, they borrowed a storefront of home electronics store and performed. (0:46)
The indies debut song "Momoiro Punch" released in August 2009 got 11th on the Oricon Daily Chart (23rd weekly) . (0:59)
After that, the second release "Mirai-e Susume!"(meaning 'Let's go to the Future!' in English) was 6th on the Oricon Daily Chart (11th weekly).

After joining the sixth member 'Momoka Ariyasu' in May 2010, they released CD from the major label.
In that song "Ikuze! Kaito Shojo"(meaning 'Let's go! mysterious thief Girl' in English), among them, it was the first Oricon daily chart first place (3rd weekly).
This has become their killer tune and is still being played in many live performances.(1:23)

In the end of 2010, They held the first Hall Concert "Momoiro Christmas DAPPI(meaning 'Emergence' in English)" in Japan Youth Center. On the day, 1,200 seats were full and the members who saw that shed tears. (1:45)

In January 2011, the sub-leader Akari Hayami announced that she will withdraw from the group in April.The reason was that as a result of continuing to consider about her own existence significance in the group and suitability as an idol, she decided to proceed to the way of the actress she was aiming for. (2:07)

On April 10, 2011, "The One Big Event of Momoclo Spring - There was you in the dazzle" was staged at Nakano Sun Plaza, tokyo. About 4,400 tickets sold out in a few minutes.
In the last of the performance, a graduation ceremony of Akari Hayami was held, and at the end, it was announced that the team name of the new formation which became five members became "Momoiro Clover Z". (2:30)

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