Momoclo (Momoiro Clover) Z HISTORY (2/3)

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*This YOUTUBE movie is the official trailer of their best CD album (celebrated 10th Annibirthery)which was released on 23 May 2018.

In the summer of 2011, Momoiro Clover Z(MCZ) held the first large-scale concert "Momoiro Clover Z Summer Dive 2011 - Hello from Gokurakumon"  at Yomiuri Land, tokyo. They mobilizing some 6,000 people.
In the new song "Z Densetsu Owarinaki Kakumei" (meaning 'Z legend - endless revolution' in English) that was demonstrated at this time, their characteristic expression method with motifs of the 'Sentai Hero' was established. (0:06)

On Christmas 2011, 'Momoiro Christmas 2011' was held at the Saitama Super Arena.
The number of mobilization at this time was about 10,000 people, which was ten times as many as the audience in just one year since last year's Christmas.
In this live performance, directing and announcements were made tribute to the fighting sports competition (PRIDE), and it has become a staple of their stage after this.
Also, the Blu-ray that recorded this live won the 1st place in the Oricon weekly chart. (0:17)

"The One Big Event of Momoclo Spring 2012 - Yokohama Arena Two days of surprise" was held in Yokohama Arena in April 2012, as the first multi-day big Arena performance.
In 2 days, This live was done in a completely different way of venue setting, setlist, planning. Everyone was surprised because it was different from the fans' imagination for '2 days performance.'
MCZ gathered 25 thousand audiences for a total of 2 days. (0:30)

In the following month, They launched various projects such as "Momoclo's Children Festival 2012" which limited the audience to the children of elementary school and their parents. (1:07)

And that summer, "The Momoclo Summer festivities - SUMMER DIVE 2012 - Seibu Dome Competition" was held at the Seibu Dome, saitama , which would be the first performance in the stadium.
In addition to attracting about 37 thousand people to the stadium,
Live-viewing was performed simultaneously at movie theaters and live houses throughout Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and 17,000 spectators also participated.
From this time on, it became a staple of MCZ to do stadium-scale concerts in the summer. (1:19)

At the end of the year, they were chosen as performers to the popular music program "Kohaku Uta-Gassen (meaning 'Red and White Singing Festival' in English)" which was watched about a half of Japanese citizens every year.
The stage was a dream from the time when they performed live performances on the street, five were pleased to shed tears with the staff. Since then, they appeared for three consecutive years to the program. (1:33)

And the next morning of the stage, on New Year's Day of 2013, they decided to concert at the 'National Stadium', tokyo next goal and declared to the fans in front of the stadium. (1:53)

Although it was thought that it is still a distant goal,
In the summer of 2013, a concert that attracted about 60,000 audience at the Yokohama International General Stadium (called Nissan Stadium), the biggest stadium in Japan. "The Momoclo Summer festivities - WORLD SUMMER DIVE" succeeded. (2:04)

In the winter of 2013, again at the Seibu Stadium "Momoiro Christmas 2013 - White Hot Blizzard a beautiful cold world" was held.
So, it was announced that the dream "National Stadium Live" will be realized in the following spring, and the members broke down with joy at the stage. (2:19)

"The One Big Event of Momoclo Spring 2014 - National Stadium Competition - NEVER ENDING ADVENTURE - Beyond the Dream" was held at the National Stadium, tokyo for two days from 15th and 16th March 2014.
At the National Stadium, the music live was held fifth in history and it was the first time by the female group.
In addition to mobilizing a total of 110,000 people, 55,000 people each day, live viewing was also conducted at movie theaters and live houses nationwide and
attracted about 40,000 people.
At the end of the live ,members told the audience that they wanted to be a group that will last for a long time by five people who had always been a goal.
KANAKO said, "I think there is no end for delivering a smile to everyone," she continued, "We came to get the TOP, but it is not the top of idol world but of the entertainment world."
She said that "I want to be a TOP that will 'Delivering smile to all'." (2:48)

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