MOMOKA's SNS posting was accurately calculated.

Momoka Ariyasu (a former member of MCZ) who announced the revival comment at SNS yesterday became a reputation as her posts was accurately calculated.

A Twitter user made the following post and it spread. The details are as follows.

-MOMOKA started Twitter and Instagram on "March 15th (=3/15)" of last year.
-Afterwards, when updating SNS, she posted at 3:15 pm/am.
-She continued it 315 times until the New Year's greeting of the this year.
-And she announced the revival on the next post. (Of course at 3:15 pm)

Furthermore, it has a reputation for messages sent by MCZ.
This message released yesterday turned out to be posted by MCZ at 5:17 pm.

-- 3/15 is MOMOKA 's birthday.
-- 5/17 is the formation day of the MCZ.

... The short word of MCZ seems to have a deep meaning.