Mononofu's rookie is approaching a historic record.

One of the most notable NPB rookies this year is Tigers infielder Teruaki Sato.

We're reported before that he is a fanatical mononofu and a fan of RENI. (Here)

Teruaki has been touted as one of the most remarkable players in this year's NPB openers, hitting six home runs, a record for a rookie in almost 50 years.  (one more would be a new rookie record).

Today's Sports Hochi carried an article about his success, linking it to MCZ's career.

It was reported that Teruaki hit his sixth home run yesterday at the Seibu Dome (MetLife Dome), the home of the Lions, which RENI of MCZ professed to be her "second home".

- Sports Hochi's article is below.

- The official Pacific League video is below.