KANAKO has been infected with COVID-19 and is currently suffering from fever.

KANAKO Momota of MCZ has been infected with COVID-19, her agency announced on their official website.


According to the announcement, Kanako took a PCR test on August 3 to appear on a TV program, and was confirmed positive on August 5.

Currently, she is suffering from fever and fatigue.

In accordance with the guidance from the public health center, she and her family are taking careful measures to recuperate and continue the observation period.

The other members of the group and the manager will also be taken care of appropriately according to the guidance of the public health center and medical institutions.

In MCZ, Shiori was infected with coronavirus in May last year and took a break for a while.


Manager KAWAKAMI made a voice transmission and informed the following points.

- KANAKO and the other members have not met since the fan meeting on July 25.

- According to the industrial physician's diagnosis, KANAKO has no pneumonia and is not seriously ill. (However, she is running a fever.)

- RENI and SHIORI will probably work together for the time being, depending on the health center's decision. (AYAKA was hospitalized for another illness and has been discharged, but is resting for a while.)

- RENI has work tomorrow, but it will be after she takes the PCR test and confirms that she is negative.