RENI will participate in a tribute album for SPEED

According to the official twitter account of KING Records, MCZ's RENI will participate in the "SPEED 25th Anniversary TRIBUTE ALBUM "SPEED SPIRITS"" which will be released on November 11. 

SPEED is a four-member idol dance and vocal group formed from the Okinawa Actors School, which produced Namie Amuro, MAX, etc., all of whom are from Okinawa Prefecture.

Immediately after their debut in 1996, their debut song "Body & Soul" became a huge hit, and in less than three years, they had a series of million-selling songs, including "Steady," "White Love," "my graduation," and "All My True Love.”

The group broke up in 1999 and reunited several times, but now all three members except Hiroko Shimabukuro have left their offices and are no longer active as a group. (Officially, "SPEED" has not been disbanded.)

The main vocalist, Eriko Imai, is currently a member of the Diet for the Liberal Democratic Party.

This album was planned to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the formation of SPEED, and it was announced that other famous artists such as ISSA (DA PUMP), Seiko Omori, Crystal Kay, BENI, and Hitomi Yaida will participate in the album.