MCZ's (practically) new song has been released.

As reported in the following article last week, Noritake Kinashi released a new digital album today.

One of the songs is a collaboration with Momoiro Clover Z, and is essentially a new MCZ song.

The title of the song is very long, and in romanized form it looks like this For more details, please refer to last week's article.

(song title)

"Saikou na Mainichi ni Surutame ni

Jibun kara Attack shite Kotoba ni Kiwotuke

Mood yoku susumeru you

Shikake wa hayame Subete Omoshirogari

Kotae wa oioi Yattekurukuruku--ru Z!!

Tsumari, Kotae Sagashi no Mainichi wo!

feat. Momoiro clover Z & NoriKuro"

The song is being distributed on various digital platforms, but we thought you overseas folks might be able to listen to it on Spotify, so we've posted the link below.

However, there are some songs on Spotify that are only available in Japan, and we haven't been able to confirm which is the case with this song yet.

If you are able to listen to it, we would appreciate it if you could comment on it. 


The music video has just been released on Noritake Kinashi's official Youtube channel.


Anonymous said…
Fortunately, I can listen to it on Spotify from Germany!
Thank you for your report from Germany.
From now on, we will feel comfortable introducing Spotify links as well.