Thanks from Kurobe to RENI.

In the following article, we reported that RENI visited the city of Kurobe in Toyama Prefecture, where Momoiro Clover Z held their "Haru no Ichidaiji" live concert in April 2019, for a midwinter fireworks display last week. (The video of the live broadcast of that event is still available in the archives.)

A hotel in Kurobe City expressed their gratitude at that time on Twitter as follows

Unazuki is a small hot spring resort in the mountains that was badly damaged by Corona disaster.
Here, an idol who can attract tens of thousands of fans came to watch the fireworks and casually gave us a smile and energy on a small platform.
It's not normal.
So no matter what anyone says, Momoclo is amazing.
Thank you very much.

The "Hotel Kurobe" where made this comment had interacted with MCZ during their 2019 live, and has been supporting MCZ ever since, broadcasting on TV programs and setting up accommodation plans for Mononofu.

The "Alpine Route" leading from Kurobe City is one of the most scenic spots in Japan, with wonderful scenery from spring to autumn.

We hope that many Mononofu from overseas will visit this area someday.