[Haruichi Report 1] Parking Lot

Since we went to the site, we would like to write about what we saw, especially what has not been reported in the media, in several parts.

(Don't worry, the usual news will continue every day as before.)

This time, we drove a rental car from Sendai Airport to the venue, about 90 minutes away.

The parking lot is an "official parking lot" where tickets were sold in advance by the organizer, so space was reserved for us.

The parking lots are numbered from A to D, and we were in parking lot B. From the looks of it, about 200 to 300 cars can be parked there. Of course, all of them were participants of the live concert, in other words, Mononofs.

The first thing we noticed here was the unusual sight.

There were overwhelmingly many "Suzuki" cars. In particular, there were a large number of "Hustler"s, perhaps one in every 15 to 20 cars.

Although the commercial period has already ended, Momoiro clover Z was the official commercial director for the Hustler.

Even today, MCZ continues to play commercials character of Suzuki, and the main sponsor of the MCZ's radio program (Happy Clover) is also Suzuki.

The commercials seem to be having a positive effect.

The mononofu's enthusiasm for Suzuki seems to be high.

And as a side note, my (the manager of MCZ TODAY)  car is also a red "Hustler".