The "Moment in Problem" was posted

This morning, AYAKA posted several instagrams in succession, telling the story of  "Haru no ichi daiji" event.

One of these, however, has AYAKA commenting only with "Moment in Problem".

This requires some explanation.

As we discussed on this site last week, one of the live performance goods this time was a body bag with a design that was too outlandish. (see article here)

This bag was still not selling well, and during the encore of DAY 1, the four members of MCZ appeared on stage wearing this body bag in a style that was also a PR stunt.

The first song of the encore was "Hashire !" and Mononofus burst out laughing when they saw the strange style of the four members with "Salmon" slung over their shoulders.

After three encores, an incident occurred during the final greeting scene on stage.

The MCZ humorously pointed out that "not many Mononofu wear body bags" in the greeting.

At that time, suddenly AYAKA took out a piece of confections from her "Salmon bag".

MCZ members asked, "What are you doing?" ,"What are you doing?" 

As AYAKA was leaving the stage, she smiled, ate it, and left the stage.

As the members were taken aback by this, SHIORI gently reminded AYAKA, "Eating and drinking are not allowed in the venue".

The audience laughed hysterically, and Day 1 came to an end in a happy atmosphere.