[Haruichi Report 5] impressions

This has been a five-part report so far, but we think it's time for the last one. (The next tour has already started, after all...).

We apologize for writing so much about events that are not directly related to MCZ, and for our own personal opinions.

However, we were very happy to see that one of MCZ's events has moved so many Mononofus in the surrounding areas, and has caused them to take various actions and have their emotions shaken. 

We realized when we went there that this in itself is a "Haru no ichi daiji (means 'The one big spring event')".

From the moment we arrived at Sendai Airport (or even before that, in the lobby of Kansai Airport), everywhere we went, at places to eat, in convenience stores, in the disaster area, and everywhere else, there were Mononofus who could be recognized at a glance. And we played a part in that too.

We do not know quantitatively how much of an effect this in itself had on the reconstruction and revitalization of the region.

However, the faces of the people and the scenery of that area, which we could never have seen without MCZ's presence, are etched in our minds.

We hope that this special style of live performance, which is different from both summer live and winter live, will continue for a long time.

The subtitle of the Spring Event will remain "Power of Smiles, Thoughts to be connected".. 


Kim said…
Thank you for the reports... they were all interesting!
Thanks for the comment.
We're glad you got a good impression.
We will next report when we have another opportunity.
Ricardo said…
Yeah, all your reports are fantastic. I love so much this blog
Sorry for the late response.
We will continue with more MCZ's episodes that may be of interest to you all..