Trip meter exceeds 500,000 kilometers.

MCZ's producer KAWAKAMI updated his Twitter page to indicate that the meter of the car he drives has surpassed 500,000 kilometers.

MCZ has long been famous for traveling around the country by car.

(The car model is a Toyota Granvia, but they may not be able to say much about it publicly now for sponsorship reasons.)

From May to August 2009 (on weekends only, as the members were still students at the time), MCZ traveled around Japan in this Granvia to "Yamada Denki" (electronics retail stores) and performed small live shows in their stores.

They toured 24 stores across the country, and the total number of all the gigs was said to be 104.

The total distance traveled on this tour was 12,000 km. This is included as part of this 500,000 km.

The main PR song on this "Yamada Denki Tour" was "Momoiro Punch," which later made its independent debut.

Five years later, "Momoiro Punch" was performed as the first song at the 2014 concert at the National Stadium, in the same outfit they wore when they toured the country in 2009.