Part of DAY 1 is now available to the public.

As always with live performances, KAWAKAMI producers tweeted about the live performance.

This time, we can see the scene from the introduction of the backing band (DMB) after the encore to a part of "believe" performed as the 20th song in the set list (the second song after the encore).

According to a tweet from the KAWAKAMI producer, there were 21347 spectators for DAY 1.

This is a smaller turnout than in the past at Seibu Dome, but it seems that there were probably many Mononofus who, like us, had to cancel their participation due to the spread of corona infection at the last minute.

Today, Japan has again become the country with the largest number of infected people, ranking first in the world.

As previously announced, tomorrow's DAY 2 will be shown on PPV on AbemaTV.
We hope that everyone overseas will join us.