RENI's true feelings were revealed.

In an article the day before yesterday (below), I reported that RENI will be a guest on a radio baseball broadcast this Saturday.

In that article, we expressed our doubts as to why RENI, a Tigers fan, was invited to the broadcast, as it was not a game of the Hanshin Tigers but a matchup between the DeNA Bay Stars and the Yakult Swallows, two rival teams in the same Central League.

But RENI's true intentions turned out to be true.

This past Monday, RENI appeared as a guest on the Nippon Broadcasting System's "Knights the Radio Show" radio program.

The show is hosted by the famous comedian "Knights," and RENI requested to talk a lot about baseball with them, which he did.

For about an hour, RENI talked about her passion for baseball (with almost no mention of MCZ), and her talk with Knights, who is an expert on baseball, was very lively.

For example, when asked, "Don't you want to play yourself?" She responded, "I really want to play baseball myself," "I want to start a grass baseball team," "What should I do?

The MC's were surprised.

And of these talks, One of her goals for this year was as follows: 

"This year, I want to go to all 12 teams' games, not only the Tigers, which I support, at various stadiums."